Hi All,   Does anyone have any advice, best practice, pointers etc. for cleanup/maintenance as far as the database is concerned?   I'm anxious that we have a large portion of our DB for… (Show more)
I am stumped. Where so I find the workflow or action which auto closes a ticket after a set period?   For some reason our tickets are no longer auto closing after a set period.   Tx
Hi All,   It appears the role settings to allow for exporting does not affect the ability to export directly from a dashboard table.   Is anyone aware of a way to prevent this?   TIA Declan
Hello,   I'm looking for some ideas on how other people are using roles in their environment. Have you had any issues using team instead of role for any permissions? I understand something have to… (Show more)
You cannot login to the system now. Please contact your administrator. Additional information is available in the logs.
Hi All   Would anyone know if it's possible to automatically change the height of a list in a request offering, depending on the number of elements in there.   We have a list which may contain a… (Show more)
Hi, we're an on prem customer with a weird issue in Service Requests.   On random requests (as far as I can work out) users are receiving the "waiting for more info reminder" when the request isn't… (Show more)
I'm using ISM 2017.3   We are in a somewhat unique situation where we have multiple agencies in our building using one HR department.  We are looking at creating some HR processes that will cover… (Show more)
Does anyone know how to set up the command for "My items - Show Record"?   I didn't like the default dashboard part, so I created a new one as a dashboard list so we could reorder the fields and… (Show more)
In the service request, I see there is an option to send a notification and opens an email template.     I was able to figure out the send from and how to populate the send to, however... it… (Show more)
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