After I install the application server of Landesk service desk, console, touchpaper , I restore the default database manually and then go to http://localhost/touchpaper.framework.web/config.aspx to… (Show more)
I am attempting to remotely access a Windows laptop services through computer management. I am able to get to the computer management window, though, when clicking on services, I am getting an error:… (Show more)
in Console
Frank Wils
Problem   The user logs uses the Console and can login without any problems. However, My, Public and All Devices are completely empty. No devices are visible. If the user uses the webconsole, all…
in Console
Hello, we use the portal manager for installing applications to users. Is it possible, in case the application was already present on the user's client, display the remove button instead of… (Show more)
Recently  we are facing issue with inventory scans not working on most of new client machines. We are able to successfully push the Landesk inventory agent  to a new PC. It seems to install fine but… (Show more)
in Inventory
Hello everyone,   Not sure if I'm posting in the right place or if this has been answered elsewhere, so apologies in advance. I tried looking for a answer and couldn't find anything, so I thought… (Show more)
in Console
Frank Wils
Error   When opening the Console, after entering your credentials and trying to login, you receive the error:   Console Initialization Error: Client found response content type of 'text/html;…
in Console
When we upgraded to 2018.1 all Ivanti admins are seeing all teams folders in every module. I checked RBA and LD admins is not part of those teams or groups. Why are we seeing like 10 extra folders we… (Show more)
Once upon a time, the Apple Warranty Info rule worked for our organization.  At some point, I assume with an API change, that stopped.  I can use teh URL in the rule to check a device and return… (Show more)
in Data Analytics
Trying to disable the Camera on managed Android Mobile devices.. The following were the current setting - LDMS Core Server 2017-3 with 45 day trial license (supposely all functionalities were… (Show more)
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