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Attached to this article is a set of tools - which I will collectively refer to as "the driverpack tool" - that allow you to apply a comprehensive driver pack to your 8.7 or 8.8 WinPE image. The tool will not work with LDMS 9. The driver pack itself is not provided. Instead, a script is provided that will collect it from the intel and broadcom web sites.


The process could hardly be simpler:

  1. Unpack the attached file to a folder on your core server.
  2. Run one of the tools (wpedownload) to download the driver pack
  3. Run another tool (wpedrivers) to apply the driver pack


More complete instructions are provided in the attachment.


Why would you use this tool rather than the "Manage Drivers in WinPE image" button in the console?


The advantage of this tool is that, rather than import individual drivers on an as-needed basis, it lets you import a whole driver pack, comprehensive enough to support most of today's desktop and laptop machines. This is possible because of the large number of PCs using intel SATA controllers and intel or Broadcom NICs. Having applied a driver pack that includes the latest Broadcom NIC and intel NIC / SATA drivers, your WinPE image will probably support all machines based on these controllers, no matter which PC manufacturer you bought them from.


If you are aware of DOC-1157, note that the procedure described in that document is not needed when you use the driverpack tool. Note also that the driverpack tool is a superset of the tool described in this article.


Need the AMD SATA driver?


The AMD SATA driver is not provided (i.e. not downloaded for you by wpedownload). This is for the simple reason that I can't find a place to download it from. But if you have a version of the driver from your PC manufacturer, you can easily add it. Just create a subfolder called in the driver pack folder. Put the driver files in it (ahcix86.inf and ahcix86.sys). Wpedrivers.exe will find the driver (based on the folder's .msd extension) and import it.


Additional NIC drivers can be added in the same way (call the subfolder xxx.nic).


  • The attached file was updated to V1.0.1 on 23 June 2009. The original version had a problem when launched from a path with an embedded space.
  • Updated 20 July 2009 (V1.2). One of the intel URLs had changed.
  • Updated 4 August 2009 (V1.3). Intel released new drivers. The SATA driver is now V8.9, the NIC driver pack is V14.3. There was a subtle change to iaahci.inf (sata driver) that the old version could not handle.
  • Updated 1 September 2009 (V1.3.1). Previous versions didn't like the vmscsi driver.
  • Updated 6 October 2009 (V1.3.2). Previous versions didn't like AMD SATA driver.
  • Updated 10 March 2010 (V1.3.3). Intel released new NIC drivers. The download URL and filename had changed.
  • Updated 4 May 2010. The Broadcom URLs had changed.
  • Updated 22 July 2010. The intel NIC URL had changed. Intel NIC driver pack now V15.4.1.