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Preferred server tools

Posted by jan.buelens Jan 21, 2010

This used to be buried deep in some thread to do with provisioning. But quite a few people seem to have found it there. In response to several requests, I am publishing a new version here that will work with both LDMS 8.8 and LDMS 9.0.


Preferred Server Tools came about as a workaround for the lack of preferred server support in OSD and provisioning. LDMS 9.0 fills that gap, but only for OSD.

The essence of the tools is perhaps prefmap.exe, which will map a drive to the preferred server as in the following example:


prefmap /drv=I: /shr=images /usr=<username> /pwd=%pwd%


This command will map the I: drive to a share called images on the site's preferred server, using the specified credentials.