Dear All   I can't quite work out what's going on here. I'm trying to set up a mail mapping but I can't see the process that I want to map in the Process list. It's just not there!     The… (Show more)
in Mail
Hi folks   I've seen this   https://community.ivanti.com/thread/30680   and it does work to a certain extent but I would like to change the object behaviour so that I can get the features of the… (Show more)
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We have made our change object schedulable so we can take advantage of the calendar options within Service Desk.  The schedule action has been added (renamed Add to Calendar) and is working properly,… (Show more)
Hi all, I know it is possible to change an object behaviour after it has been saved by applying updates in the database. I have used it before and it works but offcourse it is unsupported and… (Show more)