I have added msiexec.exe to the process rule for Graph-Viz and msiexec.exe is part of the Microsoft installers process rule, but it is still returning "Deny Script File Program" and causing the… (Show more)
We use Ivanti (AppSense) Environment Manager 2018.1 to manage settings on our Citrix XenApp 7.15 servers. I noticed that certain settings don't get applied on the servers. Further investigation… (Show more)
Hello Reason I am raising this question is that our logon times (From the time user types in username and password and hits enter and gets to a usable desktop) have been getting progressively longer.… (Show more)
In our environment we are using a cloud based printing solution for our field staff.  When the user logs in, that cloud application loads and after it logs them in it then maps the printer that is… (Show more)
We are rolling out Windows 10 1709 to our end user community. But we are running into some issues with some users where when they run outlook (v2013) for the first time they are prompted to choose a… (Show more)
I am using appsense environment manager (Build 8.4.495.0) Is there a way I can check in appsense what policies are applied to a user similar to gpresult/r for group policy ?   thanks Liam.
With the move to Windows 10, I came to the realization that the new Quick Access area is nothing like Links.  I had a grand scheme in the works to move most mapped drives to C:\users\<username>\links… (Show more)
in Policy (Environment Manager)
Hey guys, my users aren't able to keep their explorer favorites when they log back in. Can you point me to the right direction on setting this up?   According to support there's no out of the box… (Show more)
in Policy (Environment Manager)
Good morning!   Has anyone had success with flipping the profile in windows 10 1803 to temporary accounts which delete on logoff? I've tried Using Environment Manager to flip profile state and… (Show more)
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