Hello all,


To aid our support engineers here at LANDesk, started writing a Console add-on called LANDesk Support Tools.  It is a very simple installer that adds some features to the Console.


To see if it is released, go here:


Console Add-on: LANDesk Support Tools


Tool Bar Add-on



Right-click Device Add-on


The following abilities are added when you right click a device.  Most of the windows tools such as Computer Management use Microsoft built-in remote services and not LANDesk services to function.  The LANDesk functions do, of course, use our LANDesk Services.




Anyway, I have been working on this for some time.  It is nearing completion, with a few more tools to add.  Basically, I want to make it easier for support engineers to work with our customers.


However, it appears that many LANDesk users would really love these features too for their own help desk, so by installing this LANDesk Support Tools add-on, they can have them.


Stay tuned for a release date...


Note: If you have a tool that you think everyone would like to have included, please let me know.