Has anyone else had issues with replacing the default icons in the service catalog? I've found that I'm getting inconsistent results in different views whenever I try to replace the default icons.  … (Show more)
We Need constraints on the CI object looking like:   Update and view CIs where CI.OrgUnit == CurrentUsersOrgUnit OR CurrentUsersOrgUnit == "OU1" OR cUrrentUsersOrgUnit == "OU2"   The first part is… (Show more)
Hi All   We have linked records setup so for example, a Change can be linked to an Incident record as seen highlighted in yellow below. Currently when I open the linked Change within the… (Show more)
We are pleased to announce the launch of our new status website to communicate Ivanti cloud infrastructure updates:  https://status.ivanticloud.com   This site is available today and contains…
Sarah N'maan
Dear All.   How can I retrieve a field value from the form and put it in HTML field ? for example this text: (This Agreement will be effective from: July 8th, 2015, and will remain valid for a… (Show more)
Please, a customer of IVANTI, will like to have a prefix added to all the different module of the solution   For instance, all incident, change, project, release ticket all start with a number such… (Show more)
Hi all,   Is there a documentation to guide administrator on how to change layout of the new self service portal? The documentation may include template creation, part creation and layout setting.
Using Ivanti 2017.3   I'm wondering if there is a way to create a request offering that has a drop-down picklist where the user can select multiple items in that picklist.  I don't see a direct way,… (Show more)
For Knowledge Center there is a command called "ShowKnowledgeCategory". Is there a CommandId to open Servicecatalogue Category like it's possibile for Knowledge Center?
If the mails failed to sent in the first attempt how to  make second attempt ... etc ; till it become Yes  , an automatic action !
ITSM 2017.3   Is there a way to create a role that allows a user R/W type access to a specific request offering?  I would like to have a set of users that will receive tasks created during a… (Show more)
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