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How to check for Microsoft Office version 32-bit or 64-bit in inventory 1 month ago in Inventory by spencer.hedrick spencer.hedrick
Issue: Definition types missing from the download updates window 2 months ago in Patch Manager by LANDave LANDave
A required DLL was not found (RAPI.DLL). Please verify that Microsoft ActiveSync (2000/XP) or Windows Mobile Device Center (Vista) is installed and retry this installation / ERROR: The system cannot find the file specified 5 months ago in Terminal Emulation by TomButler TomButler
Easy uninstall of Office 2010 products via LANDesk sdclient 7 months ago in Momentum Share IT for Unified Endpoint Management by mwebb7
Re: Can't deploy Office 13 Msp installation on Landesk 2016... 5 months ago in General by phoffmann Expert phoffmann
How to use Windows System Image Manager (SIM) 8 months ago in OS Deployment and Provisioning by LANDave LANDave
Is there a HEAT Cloud App for iOS/Android/Windows Phone? 8 months ago in Business Objects (Ivanti Service Manager) by terry.douglas terry.douglas
Support of SQL Server 20xx SP x version 8 months ago in Application Setup (Ivanti Service Manager) by Theodor.Sauerwein Theodor.Sauerwein
Outlook addin showing error "GoldMine Plus for Microsoft Outlook has been disconnected because GoldMine was unable to connect to the database. To reconnect after the database is available, click the connect to GoldMine button on the toolbar" 8 months ago in Microsoft Outlook Link (GoldMine Premium Edition) by Katie.Sullivan Katie.Sullivan
Re: Microsoft patches not downloading since 2016 upgrade 9 months ago in Patch Manager by Elizabeth_FSBCT Elizabeth_FSBCT
Ivanti DesktopNow - Hosting DesktopNow in Microsoft Azure - November 2016 9 months ago in Environment Manager by hannahc hannahc
Sample XML snippet for Silverlight 4.0.60129.0 10 months ago in UWM Tools and Tips Exchange by GaryMcAllister GaryMcAllister
Has anyone connected HEAT SM with Microsoft Project Online? 11 months ago in Ivanti Service Manager (Formerly HEAT Service Management) by SusanJS SusanJS
LANDesk Inventory Server Service not Running - Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library: Runtime Error! 1 year ago in Inventory by ProductVersionAutoUpdate
Microsoft Office 2010 Personalization Configuration 1 year ago in Environment Manager by Andy Redmond Andy Redmond
Mimecast Outlook Plugin Fails to Load when Personalized 1 year ago in Personalization (Environment Manager) by Andy Redmond Andy Redmond
Re: Difficulty Deploying Office 2013 Standard 3 years ago in Software Distribution by pmitola
Re: System problem in many computers after install agent 3 years ago in Endpoint Manager and Endpoint Security by MarXtar MarXtar
Re: Warning about installing MS13-048 on Chinese devices 5 years ago in Patch Manager by mgeertsen
Re: Patching only using weekend pushes 5 years ago in Patch Manager by Tom Farrugia Tom Farrugia
Re: Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 64 Bit SP2 5 years ago in General (LDSD and LDAC) by egumo
Re: Windows 8 support in LDMS9 5 years ago in Endpoint Manager and Endpoint Security by Frank Wils Frank Wils
Re: LANDesk 9 Patch Repository query 5 years ago in Patch Manager by mrbobuk mrbobuk
Re: Windows 7 - continuous reboot 6 years ago in Patch Manager by lacinfosys
Error when setting up Data import: The Microsoft Office Access database engine cannot open or write to the file X. It is already opened exclusively by another user, or you need permissions to view or write its data. 6 years ago in Data Import by Senta Senta

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