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    Shockwave Player Help


      I have an application that requires Shockwave Player in order for one of its features to work. It is tested with 10, but the installer for 10 is a fake msi (it doesn't really deploy like an msi) which is a known issue so we are moving to 11. The problem is, Adobe made multiple different installs for the various versions of 11 and didn't really keep a standard.


      Now to the help part. I need to find a way to identify if 11 is installed no mater the version and through the registry. I intended to test each of the version 11 installs, but I am having a hard time finding all of the older versions. If you know where I can find the previous versions or have a suggestion, please let me know.



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          mrspike SSMMVPGroup

          Do you have Patch Manager?


          If so, LANDesk has a "patch" for Shockwave which you can use to get everyone up to the latest.



          If you need to create you own custom Def, here is where you can tell the version



          HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Adobe Shockwave Player



          Also these might help


          For v11




          For v10


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            I have been working with patch manager and was hoping I could test all the ver11 installs, but they all roll up to the latest definition/download.


            As you noted, the uninstall key is different for the various versions which makes detection tricky. In previous testing, I had found the guid changes with the various installs as well so the uninstall key is not 100% reliable. Unfortunately, that was a number of months ago and I am now revisiting without the previous test results and only my memory of the findings.

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              mrspike SSMMVPGroup

              Just an FYI...


              We have been patching Shockwave for the past two years and just use the stuff provided by LANDesk.  The installer appears to remove older versions, so this is a very easy thing to manage.


              With hackers today going after "web top" applications and browsers more then the OS's themselves, one has to be nuts not to patch these items on a regular basis:


              Adobe Reader


              Adobe Flash


              Adobe Shockwave






              and some others.



              We patch all of those, plus many others every month, and I am talking about 10K+ boxes spread over several cores, and the only one we have had some issues with is JRE (Java) and that is because some of the version changes have had conflicts with internal applications.


              Management used to be wary of patching in the past and it was not mandated for the most part.... but they all changed and now we have two weeks to get all systems patched or they get blocked from the Internet.


              Patch early, patch often!


              If you need some help, let me know

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                I don't suppose you have the older versions of the Shockwave installs do you?


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                  And the result is….


                  So far, for the 7 version 11.# installs I tried, the following key is populated. The uninstall key varies as to how it is found and what it displays, but this always includes the full version number down to the final digit.


                  [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Adobe\Shockwave 11\current\xtras\files\qt3asset\version]


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                    mrspike SSMMVPGroup



                    So what are you trying to do?


                    Is it to:


                    • Remove all Shockwave versions
                    • Just get to the latest v11.x
                    • Get to a specific version of 10 or 11?
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                      This is 2 parts really.

                      1. My company is a software development company and the app we create needs shockwave player installed. As part of our installation process, I need to detect if it is installed and preferrably, that version 11 is installed.
                      2. The problem stems from version 10 not being a proper (maybe good is a better term) msi installer. Because of that, I need to switch to using version 11 so I can deploy it, along with any other pre-requisite software, via LANDesk without issue.