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    LD 9 VS SCCM


      This will seem an odd posting in the LD forum. We are evaluating LD vs SCCM. I did a 2 hour vendor demo of LD and liked it however....sigh....we are a Microsoft house and can probably obtain SCCM for less $$ a good thing since we have no budget! But if I can point out LD benefits, feature for feature, for the higher ups, maybe I've got a chance.


      Our biggest areas of interest: software deployment and upgrades, inventory, OS rollout.


      For those of you who have used both, what made LD the better choice? Ease of use, overall support, different features, etc. Any feedback would be a great help.



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          Microsoft will eat you up on the cost if you are distributed but might make more sense if you are centralized. Either way, look at this chart I put together for my project where MS didn't even come close to Altiris or LANDesk... This is 1.5 years old

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            One more thing, pay attention to the comments field in each cell where applicable, that's from my observation...

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              That's a great spreadsheet! Really gives me something to bite on. Thanks so much for sharing with me. I'll update my post as I go through this process.

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                The importance column is part of the total result and then there are hidden columns to help with the calculation, just FYI. The importance column is where you set how important it is for you/your company

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                  zman Master

                  Good sheet vojtab. Here are some discussions on the two (see the info about SCCM being free because it is part of your EA) . Also ask your ESP or LANDesk sales rep for comparison information.




                  Microsoft does not enter SCCM in too many reviews so it is hard to find them where they are up against other products.  Basically defne your requirements and that will lead the way (e.g., MAC support, out of bands support, ease of use, etc..).  Also, it may be out of scope now but the great integration between LDMS, ALM and LPM is very powerful.


                  Also visit shops that are similiar to yours and view both products in the field.

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                    Thanks so much this is helpful!



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                      Wow, fantastic document.

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                        One thing I might add is that LANDesk support is fantastic in comparison to the support I have recieved from Microsoft.


                        The 3rd party support from LANDesk is also a great benefit.


                        Lastly, LANDesk is a smaller company and targets smaller sized customers. Because of this, their ability to change and adopt new things and satisfy customer needs is more flexible than MS.


                        This is based on my experience and opinion.

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                          jmac, I can only second that. The whole ecosystem seems to be just right for small and medium size businesses. You get the attention you deserve from LANDesk (hello Microsoft and Symantec) and you will feel your voice is heard

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                            vojtab - that spreadsheet is the bomb! Thanks very much for posting it.


                            I also want to chip in and say that the support we recieve from LANDesk and from the LANDesk community is by far the main reason that we stay with LDMS. There is no other software vendor that I can think of who maintains such a high quality of support.

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                              Very helpful thread for me...thanks again to all.


                              I've been looking over documentation and demos of SCCM...it looks a bit more complex than LD. One feature in LD that I liked was the abiilty to push software to a user, have them open some kind of local console and install on their time instead of ours. This would work well for large updates, such as Office. Since we are a school, I could send out software to our student tablets and let them do this at home, saving classroom time. I don't see a similiar arrangement in SCCM.


                              Now the tough part....trying to convince the suits that we should pay for LD vs getting SCCM for much less.

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                                You could do the same type of targetting in sccm and it does have a console where the user can manually deploy the app.


                                And from what I have read, SCCM is in your EA with MS, but their are still costs associated to it. Others that have used it can probably provide more information.

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                                  I think I can answer your question pretty firmly, given my history with LDMS and SCCM.


                                  We used about half of what LDMS (pre-version 9) offers for about two years. We then came to a point where management looked at the costs of upgrading to full LDMS vs. CCM (we are a M$ house also, EA, etc etc). Against my advice, we scrapped LDMS and now use SCCM.


                                  To sum up the experience: The deployment, management, and usability of SCCM is much worse than LDMS in my opinion. Mainly because it's much more complicated and can break easily. On the usibility side, many our IT analysts find the interface less useful and friendly than LDMS, thus we've seen people using it less and less - some even refuse to use it. We've spent a lot of man hours just keeping the environment up and going. There have been times where we've certainly wished we could go back in time or switch back, sadly it won't happen. Not to mention all the hardware and licenses that are required for it to work - I'm certain we've spent more on it than we would have with LDMS.


                                  Sometimes ignorance is bliss, but in this case I think you'd be far from bliss even if you'd never experienced LDMS in the first place.

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                                    Update in the beginning of May:


                                    Due in part to the responses I got to this post, including some excellent attachments and analysis, and also the results of running my own test server, I have been able to obtain approval to purchase the Mgt Suite. That's not an easy task given that we are a private school with limited budget dollars. However Group Policy is simply not working well for us for software deployment to our student machines and an agent based solution was a given.


                                    While I have a basic understanding of the product, I expect it to take many months to fully understand and begin to utilitze the features. Unfortunately, after we pay for this item, we don't have much left to pay the vendor for consulting services so we'll have to wing some it....oh well.. that will make it fun!


                                    Many thanks to all of you who answered thoughtfully; meaning you didn't just say "Microsoft Sucks" or "LanDesk rules". I expect to be haunting the forum from now on. I've already downloaded a pile of docs and now have to start reading.



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