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    Provisioning does not continue after CTOS




      My provisioning task gets stuck after mini-setup finishes and Windows XP boots for the first time. The system logs on automatically so that I can see the desktop. Normally the provisioning GUI would appear and continue the deployment by first installing the agent but nothing is happening here.


      During mini-setup the configure target os step is successful. I see the command window and Visual C++ runtime setup. At the first login I can see that the CBA8 service is running under services.


      http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-6948 stated to check the actions.ini for “C:\ldprovisioning\ldprovision.exe -c <CORE>” and this line does not exist. My actions.ini looks like this:


      AUTHORIZECBA8="C:\Programme\LANDesk\Shared Files\rainstall.exe" /authorize
      ALERTCBA8="C:\Programme\LANDesk\Shared Files\alert.exe" -f -n -p "start:%CBA8_START%" -p "stop:%CBA8_STOP%" internal.cba8.system.startup
      START=2010-03-26 11:00:33


      When I manually run  “C:\ldprovisioning\ldprovision.exe -c mycoreserver” the template continuous as expected.


      I’m running a LDMS 8.8 SP3 core server and deploying Windows XP SP3 sysprep sealed images on Thinkpad notebooks. I attached the sysprep.inf which gets injected and the template itself.


      Does anybody have a clue what’s wrong here?