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    Administering LDMS9 from OS X 10.6


      So, I am a network admin but my main responsibilities are Macintosh administration and LANDesk administration. I am the only person that does either of these things so it's very important to me that they work well together. I recently ditched my Dell + PMG4 setup for a shiny new Mac pro and I need some help with running LANDesk on it. Right now I have a Windows XP VM set up that I do everything from, but I would like some more options for how I manage LANDesk from OS X. Now I know (at least I'm pretty sure) that I cannot install a remote console on OS X, even though that would be ideal. So what options do I have? Thanks

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          Hi Tom,


          As far as managing LANDesk devices from a Mac there really aren't a whole lot of options. Really all you can do is use the web console or use the win console installed in a virtual machine. If you are finding that this does not meet your needs let me encourage you to add what you would like to see to the Enhancement Requests section of the Community.


          There is a navigation bar on the left side of the community landing page that has a link called Enhancement Requests or you can click here.

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            Meat Rookie

            Another option is to use Microsoft's RDC software to log on to the core itself. It's optimal if you want to manage the settings on the core, apply service packs to the OS, or check the event viewer for errors, and such...


            It's not so good if you don't have any/enough RDC licenses for 1 or more RDC connections.