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    Adobe Flash 10 distribution


      Hi there - I'm wondering if this article http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-2383 will tell me what I need to know to distribute Flash 10 via a MSI package.


      What would change about this?  Why is the BAT file necessary?


      I have the Adobe Flash Player 10 MSI I need after applying for a distribution license.


      Any feedback/help would be good.


      Thank you!

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          Since we have had Flash on our image for several years, we just keep it up to date with security & patch manager which has definitions for flash already.


          But you may want to see: http://www.appdeploy.com/packages/detail.asp?id=1382


          From what I see there, you can just deploy the .exe with /silent.

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            So you think I don't have to use the Adobe distribution MSI provided but the EXE download instead?

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              Wait - do you mean that I can just turn on autofix for these machines and it will upgrade them from, say Flash 9 to Flash 10?  That is what I'm trying to do actually.

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                mrspike SSMMVPGroup

                Yes, if you have any version of Flash 9 you will be offered the patch for v10.x


                That is the easiest way to upgrade.


                If you want to use Software Dist, you can just take the .exe's and use /s as an install option.

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                  Thanks for all your help on this.  Using the EXE with the /s worked on the Software Distribution end just fine.


                  When looking at our Security and Patch configuration.  Can you tell me what the patch ID is for the Flash player 9 > 10?  We have several critical patches on autofix but I don't see an item that is to update them from 9 to 10.  I'm probably looking at the wrong area but what I saw were vulnerabilities - rather than the plug-in itself.


                  Running LANDesk v9.0 if it matters.


                  Again - THANKS!

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                    mrspike SSMMVPGroup

                    I will get you the info in the morning

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                      I don't think the S&PM definition will update from 9 to 10, it patches all version 9 installs to the latest version 9 and patches all version 10 installs to the latest version 10 patch. However, I'm on 8.8SP3 so something could have changed?

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                        mrspike SSMMVPGroup

                        So LANDesk is famous for changing their detection logic and rules, recently if you have v9 of Flashplayer you got both options, to install the latest 9.x version and the option to install the latest v10.x.... but they have changed that.....


                        Now, if you have v9, you only get the option to install the new v9 version and if you have 10, you get the latest in that family, which is actually the right way of doing it.  I have been back and forth with them on similar things and what they have done in the past (Adobe Reader for instance) is they will also off a "upgrade" patch that you can use.


                        That usually has to be requested, and I have to say they are really good about doing such things.....



                        Or what you can do is create your own custom defs, either from scratch or by modifying theirs.  I have done this for you but am now running some validation tests and will post it in a few minutes

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                          mrspike SSMMVPGroup

                          OK, here you go... these custom definitions will look for BOTH version 9 & 10, if it finds an version of 9 it will will upgrade it to the latest version of 10.


                          if it finds an older version of 10.x it will bring it current.



                          I just modified the logic from LANDesk and added the v9 to the Affected products in the 10 rule and delete the "9" rule.



                          Unzip these, copy to the core


                          Go to Custom Defs in patch manager and import these.


                          Look through the rules to ensure I am not doing any hanky panky, but my "star" rating here on the forums should validate my validity.


                          Let me know if you have any questions.


                          You will want to repair using these Custom defs, not the ones provided by LANDesk,,, until, the next update of 10.x comes out, then you can modify these to fit your needs.

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                            Thank you so much for your efforts - this is very useful and we appreciate your support.  We will give this a try.


                            Do you know how Adobe Flash player may behave on older versions (prior to 9)?  I am actually just not sure if those can be upgraded at all.

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                              The install should overwrite previous installs. If you run into situations where it doesn't cleanly do so, there is a download available from Adobe to uninstall all versions for a clean removal. You could script the install to run the uninstall first and then install.

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                                Hmmm - where do I put the custom definitions?  In the Management Suite directory or is there a subdirectory they should go in?  Thanks!

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                                  mrspike SSMMVPGroup

                                  Copy the two files to anywhere on your core, then open the console on the core (or you do this on your console system), then go to the "patch manager" window in the Console and change the "Type" to Custom Definitions


                                  Now click on the yellow / black icon with an arrow pointing down to "import custom definition"


                                  Navigate to the files, select them both and say ok


                                  When you get the "import options" this is new to LD9 and to me, I selected the middle one and imported and it worked.

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                                    mrspike SSMMVPGroup

                                    Since this is a modification of the original LANDesk provided patches, I would choose the middle one as it will give them new ID's, I would not want to overwrite or conflict with the ones from LANDesk.


                                    I am not sure of how this part works since it is new, but this should be the safe bet

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