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    Sudden failure of all package distributions


      LD 8.7 sp4


      I recently took over our LD server and responsibility for creating the images aind updating the current ones.  We are set up for HII and using a combination of templates and scripts I wrote I have been successful in creating a hardware independent provisioning set up.  Provisoning is 100% unattended and as complete as I want it to be.


      Several days ago I provisioned a PC without issue.  Shortly after I attempted to push a package to the PC and it failed with the error that all files could not be copied to the PC.  I followed the usuall procedure of resetting the hash, but this did not fix it.


      I read all I could find on this forum and tried all the suggested fixes and trouble shooting steps to no avail.  I then even tried reloading the LD agent, again no fix.  I then imaged a different model of PC that I know the image was working perfectly on.  The base image of Windows and drivers all loaded fine, but I have an included template that continues after the base windows load and installs packages of software.  This template too is failing exactly the same way any manually pushed individual package fails.


      All packages are failing with an http 401 error \according to the logs.


      I am unable to find or figure out the issue.  Nothing was changed on the server during or after the initial imaging of that one PC and now regardless of the PC, model or package they all fail with the same http 401 error.  I even restarted the IIS services on the core.


      As mentioned, I have tried all posted fixes and trouble shooting steps to no avail.


      Any ideas on this one?

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          I have 9.0 set up and I am currently migrating everything over so we can start testing, but I need to keep 8.7 up and running in the mean time.

          The former admin for the system looked it over and can't find anything.  Everything looks to be set up correctly.

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            Hi Ed,


            Are you sure nothing changed?  Obviously something is different to go from everyone able to download to no one able to download.  401 errors are access denied.  You'll need to check/fix your permissions for your http shares you are using.


            8.7 is going to be difficult to find information on since it's an end of life product and not too many people who actively participate in the Community are using it.

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              Jason SupportEmployee

              401 errors are authentication errors.

              Do you have a global variable for username and password is the password on that account still valid or has it recently changed? Is that account locked out

              Can you browse and download the files via IE on a client?

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                Yeah, something has definitely changed, we just can't figure out what.


                Yes, security settings for the share are correct and we can go to the share and download files.


                The landesk account we use is not locked and the password hasn't changed as far as we know and we set it to original just to be sure.

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                  Figured out what's wrong, but not the fix.

                  The systems guys, in addition to our LD 9 core, set up another LD 9 core for patching the servers.  Apparently someone loaded the LD 9 agent on the 8.7 core.


                  So, now the quextion is, how to restore the 8.7 agent back the way it was.  I pushed the 8.7 agent back to the core, but now I am getting a "cba 8 can not contact the agent" when pushing packages.


                  I tried running the cba8.msi from the core on a PC butr that doesn't fix anything.


                  Don't know what to do with it at this point.