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    Feedback on the new Community.LANDesk.com site

    beau.gordon Employee

      Let us know what you think! Have you encountered any problems or do you have questions about how to use the site? Do you have an idea of what we could do better? This is the place for you. Post away.


      There is a great tour that demonstrates the features of this software. Many of your questions will be answered there. Take the tour.


      One note - if you are having any problems registering, go ahead and email community.admin@landesk.com. I'll get you set up.

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          CaliberK Rookie

          The site looks great overall.  I noticed that all content appears to be tagged as documents, is this deliberate or will there be a way to browse for documents only?

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            I'm wondering if the data they're porting in is KB data and that forum data will appear differently....



            I concur with the new look and feel - very nice!

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              JEvans is right.  The reason everything shows up as documents right now is that the content in the community right now is primarily documents we have ported over from our old knowledge base. 



              You will notice that this thread we have going now shows up as a discussion with a different icon.  You will be able to browse each of the types (documents, discussions, blogs) together or separately.



              Hope this helps.






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                leffrt SupportEmployee

                Definitely looks nice!  About time.   Are you going to be porting over posts from the original forum?

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                  Tom Farrugia SupportEmployee

                  Outstanding work Beau, it just shows how LANDesk is continually working to improve end-user communication. Couple of comments:


                  • Are we going to have signatures? Didn't see that anywhere.

                  • Looks like when you imported the posts the older ones appear first, so that most of the forum content refers to 8.5 Anythign you can do about that?


                  Regardless, outstanding work as always.


                  Tom Farrugia

                  Senior LANDesk Consultant



                  (727) 365-6072


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                    beau.gordon Employee

                    We are not planning to migrate posts from the old forum into this system. There is a lot of valuable content that we want community members to still be able to reference, so we will plan to keep the old forum available for some time. However, in the near future we will lock it so that new threads can't be started on the old site. We will monitor usage levels on forum.landesk.com and possibly migrate some of the most relevant content to the new site. I don't know how long it will be until we take it down completely but we'll provide you ample notice beforehand.


                    In general, I want to encourage everyone to begin any new posts on the new site. It sounds like there is at least a little confusion on how to do this since this site serves as both a KB and a forum, and there currently isn't much forum content besides this thread, so I will try to make it more clear to users how to begin a new thread.


                    I will plan to add signatures to the user profiles - thanks for mentioning it.  This will require a little customization - I'll announce in the "Community News" blog when it's available.


                    Tom noticed that the older content seems to appear first. When me moved the KB content we didn't move it in any particular order.  The original creation date of the article was not carried over.  When you browse content the default sort order is by the date of the last activity (most recent post for forum content, and last modified date for documents).  So, you are going to see documents listed with the most recently migrated or modified content first.  Over time the newer relevant content will rise to the top of the list.



                    Thanks for the feedback so far!



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                      In response to the older data being ported over showing up - thanks to the use of tags, you can use the 8.7 tag (for example) to view more current content.  This can be a workaround until the newer content surfaces like Beau had mentioned.



                      Hope this helps.






                      FYI - Beau, I tried replying via email to post this response and received an "undeliverable" error message.  The error stated a SMTP problem was involved.



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                        Site Looks Great - I think the biggest thing i found was if you knew were you wanted to go - IE. I was in the Support and Downloads area - and there is no link to get back to the community page - as the website changes to landesk.avocent.com, yes you can press the back button, but in saying that, people like myself like to have 10 million windows open at once and compare stuff.


                        Anyway just a thought.



                        Cheers Kerrie






                        P.S - i have just noticed that when you go to insert a Smiley  you might need to make that window bigger, or even scrollable.



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                          leffrt SupportEmployee

                          Any chance certain users will be able to also post to blogs?  It would be nice if some of the partners could post useful information to all the LANDesk clients of the world.

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                            zman Master

                            Good Stuff!!!! Love the look and feel and easy to navigate. The old site was getting very dated, especially the KB. Leff, I agree that user blogs - with some form of admin review - would be great.  If no review/release, you would have the "LANDesk s*cks becuase I'm too stupid to get it to work and I'm going to Altiris/SMS" posts.


                            New inline editor for posts is really cool.




                            Will the self-service portal be adapting Jive/ClearSpace?



                            TF's avatar looks like he is running for office or a real estate agent. 

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                              I think that admin review could be useful as long as it doesn't get to a point of other persons controlling my content.  Keep in mind that I say this with the concept in mind of, "I'm responsible for what I blog about and I shouldn't post 'LANDesk s*cks' content, obscene content, etc."; however, if there's material from another arena that proves useful I'd like to think that I wouldn't have to hit the submit button and then proceed to cross my fingers with the hope that the approver agrees with my content.



                              I agree that certain users could benefit from blogs (partners publishing helpful content and not shameless plugs for products, etc.).  Not every user would/should have a blog, if anything for the exact reason you mentioned.



                              Two cents hereby inserted.



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                                zman Master

                                Jody, everything in moderation 

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                                  leffrt SupportEmployee

                                  TF for President!






                                  My point with the blog was to posibly have partners that are top contributors have the ability to blog and provide some useful "real world" deployment experience content.   Just something to think about Beau.  Valuable in my opinion.

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                                    zman Master

                                    So is the intention to eventually get rid of kb.landek.com and move everything (articles and downloads) over to community.landesk.com? The link on the home page for KB dumps us here, but I think all the downloads linked to KB articles still point back to kb.landesk.com. I guess the question is where do we go for downloads (e.g., the dbrepair.exe thread)?


                                    Also, one thing I liked on the old forums were "sticky threads". Is there a way to have a "sticky"/prominent article when we go to a community?





                                    Is there some form of advanced search like the old forums?



                                    Found it ...kind of buried.


                                    • After you select Select Search and hit enter there will be a more options selection

                                    • Search Hints



                                    Sorry if this stuff is in here somewhere and I missed it 

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