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    Populating Groups in the parameters prompt window.




      I have created a report in the Crystal Reports (CR) which takes one support group name and start and end date, to fetch the data of the incidents. It has three parameters,


      Support Group (Dynamic, mapped the tps_group.tps_title to list in it)

      Start Date (Static, datetime)

      EndDate (Static, datetime)


      The reports get the data properly.


      From the above, the first parameter, in the parameter prompt window, i can see all the groups in drop down list, which is correct. But, when I published this report in the TP, and when opened the report to view, the first parameter, becomes like a text box and it expects user input rather than bringing all the group names in the drop down list. Its hard to remember all the group title and type in. If one char is wrong, then report will not bring any data.


      So, is there any way to bring the complete list of groups in the parameter prompt in the TP like it does in the reports when opened in the Crystal editor, this makes the selection easier.




      /n RMudugal