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    Agent not installing after OSD


      Issue: The LANDesk agent does not install after OS installation.


      Version: 8.8 SP3


      The LANDesk agent is not installing as part of the sysprep routine. The path and credentials to wscfg32.exe are set.


      Usually, I extend the ldsleep time to give the agent time to install. I have edited the inf file to extend the time to 120 seconds. See below:


      Command0="c:\ldsleep.exe 120"
      Command1="net use \\coreserver\ldlogon ldpassword /u:domain\ldadmin"
      Command2="cmd /q /c \\coreserver\ldlogon\wscfg32.exe /F /NOUI /REBOOT /DONTSTARTSVCS"
      Command3="net use \\coreserver\ldlogon /d /y"
      Command4="cmd /q /c del /q c:\ldsleep.exe"
      Command5="cmd /q /c del /q c:\ldiscan.cfg"


      Any other things that I should look at? All other sysprep actions complete successfully - join to domain, local passwords, etc...


      Any and all suggestions are welcome.


      Thank you.