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    Fully Automated Image Deployment


      Can someone please tell me if this is possible ?


      • I have used the csvImport to add PC's to landesk using there MAC address
      • Created a job to image the  PC's ( i have tested this job on another PC this works fine  )
      • i add the PC's to the task and run this unscheduled
      • the job fails


      I was told that the next time the PC pxe boots it will see it has a job and run the imaging task


      Is this possible as the PC has no agent installed ? If so do i need to create a schedule for the job to run  more than once ?


      Many thanks in advance

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          As long as the MAC Address isn't associated with a different device (which it shouldn't be in this case, since the devices are new), and it PXE Boots it should be picked up by the core server as having a task ready and waiting for it.  There should be nothing else you need to do.  That means that you will either need to request that your devices arrive with network boot as the default boot action, or you'll need to hit the network boot button on first startup, but outside of that it should be untouched.


          The agent is not needed because the PXE Rep will be processing what boot options to pass, and the PXE Rep does have an agent and can get the information for that device.

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            Froggmann Apprentice

            Make sure your "Bare Metal" entries only have the device name and the MAC address. Just having those two parameters seems to work the best for me.