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    Frequency of inventory scan




      I'm confused!


      If seems theres 2 places where you can set the frequency of an agents inventory scan. What are they both for?


      The 2 places I can see settings for this are as follows (be aware that I only have the inventory module):


      1 - Agent configuration > Properties of a created configuration > Expand 'Standard Landesk Agent' > Inventory Scanner > Schedule-driven scan (Frequency is set in here)


      2 - Configure > Services > Inventory tab > Software button > Frequency for scanning software


      Can anyone give me a detailed explanation as to what each setting does?



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          The agent side one is how often the agent will run the inventory scanner.  Usually we don't send software data up during every scan, we just do a quick run to make sure our information is still mostly current.  The core side setting tells the core server how often it should request from the clients an entire software scan as well as the basic hardware/configuration information.


          Does that help?

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            Many thanks for the response. That clears things up a little!


            So as long as I have the core server set to request at 1 day intervals, I should get a full software scan from every client on a daily basis. Is that right?

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              mrspike SSMMVPGroup

              Not exactly, On the client side, you will need to have the inventory scheduled for once a day for this to work.


              What the Core side does is to require a Full Scan at the interval sent, but if the client is set for say once a week, it will only send a scan once a week, since the Core states it wants a Full Scan once a day, it will be a full scan.



              Another example would be:


              If you have the core require a full scan every three days, but the client is set to send an inventory every one day, then you could have two deltas and one full scan in that time frame.


              I would recommend on the client you have it set for once a day (and have the "when IP changes checked) and on the core have it set for once a day