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    Landesk and PXE Representative




      I am a network engineer looking to help our support organziation roll out PXE booting to our entire campus.   Currently they have a few select locations where there is a PXE DHCP proxy server injecting key DHCP options into the DHCP replies coming from our DHCP servers. I am assuming that these are 'PXE Representatives' and from looking through the various discussions on this board, seem to HAVE to live on the same subnet as the clients (or forward from the router).


      It looks like one of the best practicies is to ip-helper over to centrally located servers for the DHCP work to take place.  We may end up doing this to some respect, but I had some general questions.   Is the PXE Representative a requirement?  Why couldn't you have static PXE options on your DHCP server for PXE specfific information?  Is this generally supported on 3rd party DHCP servers?   I didn't know if the PXE Rep was only needed if you don't control your DHCP server in some form.


      Also, I didn;t see anything that stuck out, but are there any methods with Landesk to boot using Multicast?  We run a pretty robust PIM networking architecture and if we could leverage it to get around this DHCP helpering problem it would be a win-win.


      Thanks for any assistance

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          lance Rookie

          I think having the PXE rep is the Landesk recommended way.


          We have DHCP helper setup for a central Landesk PXE rep. Works fine. As experienced by our network dept, DHCP routing/FW  may need some tweaking to allow PXE related DHCP replies to pass thru.


          Landesk PXE conflicts with Netboot. We have got past that by using ALLOWED.TXT entries on the PXE server. So the now the macs netboot (also with IPhelper) directly off the netboot server without getting confused by PXE replies.


          Hope this helps.