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    HII Task Failing


      I've moved onto my next action here and everything seemed to be downloading just fine. HII downloaded the Audio Driver, Network Drivers, and Video Drivers. When it got to the Mass Storage Drivers however it said Error downloading drivers. After this, the task failed.


      I re-ran the task to see if it failed at the same stage. This time it failed near the end of the Video Drivers. Any clue to why this would be failing the download?

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          After it fails, but while still in WinPE go to X:\LDClient and see if there are a bunch of 0 byte files listed in there.


          Lemme know the results of that.


          Also you should be able to find HIIClient.log in either X:\LDClient or X:\Windows\System32.  That might give some insight.

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            Before you had suggested this I decided to shave down the files in the drivers location. Once I took out unecessary files that were being downloaded everything went through smoothly.


            Thanks for your support. Now that I got the path cleared out it's time for fine tuning.