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    Can you import Distribution Groups from AD?


      Just wondering if anyone knows how (or if it's possible) to import Distribution Groups or Security Groups from AD?  I don't mean the users in the groups  - I'm after the names of the groups themselves to use within ServiceDesk.  When setting up a new AD connection type I only have 5 object types available and all seem to be user or computer oriented, not group.

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          gramsay Specialist

          Hi Rob,

          I tried this some time ago and the answer (then) was no, it wasn't possible.

          There is an "Is-Member-Of-DL" attribute which might be useful.

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            Yes, you can import both distribution and security groups.  We do so using the "Is Member of DL" property.

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              Thanks for the reply Steve - would you be able to elaborate for me?  I still don't know how I can extract the names of the Distribution Groups from that property?





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                Well...I'm not certain from your comments if we're doing exactly what you intend to accomplish but I'll describe how we use the field.


                We want to know what groups in AD a user is mapped to.  We have a stored procedure that consumes this information and uses it to map users based upon their AD group membership or OU membership to Service Desk groups.  To import the data from AD we used the Data Connections interface in the Administration group.  We chose an Active Director Connection and selected the member of attribute from the Available attributes collection. The member of attribute is exposed to Service Desk as the Is-Member-Of-DL. The member of attribute is then mapped to an Active Directory scheduled import mapping in the Data Import interface of the Administration group. The Is-Member-Of-DL source attribute is mapped to the Target attribute of Memberof.


                Once the import run we have available to consume all of the Distribution Lists that a user is a member of and can use this in queries or DB procedures.


                If you're thinking of something else, please provide more details.  Maybe, someone can provide more relevant feedback.



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                  Thanks again Steve.  As you said, I'm not sure we were heading towards the same end result but regardless, we were able to come up with a resolution.  As the site in question is an SQL site, what we did was this:


                  1.  Create a Linked Server.

                  2.  Write an SQL query and create an SQL View from that query.

                  3.  Create a "Generic" Data Connector using the ServiceDesk database as the source.

                  4.  Create a new Connection Type referencing the View created previously.

                  5.  Create the new Data Import as required.


                  End result is our customer now has a list of their AD Distribution Groups and Security Groups that they use in templates to facilitate Requests to move personnel into and out of these groups.  So even if the Distribution or Security Group has no members in it at present, it will still appear in the list of valid choices for the customer initiating the Request.




                  P.S.  If anyone is interested in the scripts we used to create the Linked Server and/or View then I can supply that on request.