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    Start SLA based on a manually entered date


      Hi All


      I'm in the middle of creating our Change management process and have become stuck on whether it is possible to start the SLA clock against a date and time that has been manually entered on the Change request from.


      Basically, the SLA needs to breach (but escalations recorded - although this can be omitted if it over complicates things) when the manually entered date has passed, but obviously the date the change request is created will be a variable length to the date entered (i.e. one request could be for 1 month's time, but another could be for next week).


      This maybe too complex for ITBM to handle? Or does anyone have any other suggestions on how to approach this.


      all help much appreciated as usual.


      thanks in advance



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          gramsay Specialist

          I've been talking to our Account Manager about this for some time.

          The inability of the system to handle a Change Schedule properly out of the box is a problem for us.


          I'm aware of another user who was working with support to get a "Next Working Day" SLA created but don't know if they managed.


          Perhaps the calculation capabilities will be helpful when we upgrade, not sure.

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            aparker Employee

            As you have both suggested, this is not the easiest thing to implement in the product, however if you're in the 7.3.x versions then we can start to something that delivers a reasonable level of functionality. This does rely on a few very specific things. First it uses both calculations and scheduled bulk actions to control the SLA clock. It also relies on a well designed calendar to match that SLA and finally and probably most importantly it totally relies on not having to have the clock ticking from the moment that the process is logged. If this works for you then in summary, these are the steps you'll need to think about.


            • Set up an attribute that has the date that you want as your end date. This will probably be there already and will be a manually entered value.
            • Create a calculated date attribute that will, for example, generate a date value that is always 1 week before the due date.
            • Design the process such that there is a one week service level linked to it, but at the point that the process is logged, the clock is stopped straight away.
            • Build a scheduled bulk action to run over night every night which uses the calculated date to determine which processes need their clocks started.


            Once the clocks are started, then you have a week of notifications before your due date. Now this clearly has some flaws and is just an overview of the steps involved. If you want to be smarter, then you can introduce some more calculation logic to look at the current date and the due date and work out how many days difference and start to manipulate the SLA clock in more detail.


            Hope this gives you some ideas.



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              KaiEilert Apprentice

              Hi guys,


              sorry to bring up such an old topic.


              I was wondering if anything has changed concerning this missing functionality in LDSD.

              Will something like this be implemented in the near future?