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    Where are sysprep scripts stored?


      Hello LANdesk Community,




      I have just taken over the administration of our LANDesk server and I am currently tackling OS deployment, sysprepping OS's then capturing the image. At the moment I have troubleshooting Configure target OS failure on all images caputured.


      Does anybody know the location of the Sysprep scripts that you choose in the drop down menu in the inject Script action? (Please see attached screen shot).


      My predecessor created these scripts but for I cant find there physical location, I presumed they would be stored under:


      OS deployment\User scripts


      I have also looked on the server under: C:\Program Files\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\scripts


      No joy!!


      Any Ideas would be most Welcome!


      Our server is 8.8 SP3 roll-up 07-09.