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    Prerequisite query for software distribution during provisioning




      My environment is LDMS 8.8 sp3 and managed devices are on Windows XP SP2 and 3.


      I'm having an issue with prerequisite queries not being processed during the software deployment phase of provisioning. I have a query that I use to distinguish laptops from desktops which I am attempting to use to prevent software such as vpn client from being installed on desktop computers.


      The prerequisite query works fine when I run the vpn package as a normal scheduled task. It prevents the vpn from being installed to a desktop with a "Failed prerequisite query" error in the console which is what I expect. However, when the vpn package is run as part of a provisioning task it seems to disregard the prerequisite query and installs the vpn client on the desktop.


      Does anyone know why software distribution tasks within provisioning would not evaluate the prerequisite query?