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    Remote Control Window LDMS 8.8 SP3




      We are running LDMS 8.8 SP3 right now.  We currently have about 15 people that use LDMS to remote into our clients.  I have been asked by a few of our analysts if there is a way for them to open remote control window via a shortcut rather than have to find the system in the LDMS Console.


      I have found the isscntr.exe, which opens the window, but after entering the PC Name or IP, I get the Credentials Required window. Once I enter my credentials, under the Connection Messages, I get an error that says "Unable to find the remote control web server on".  It continues and says it is trying to connect to the IP of the PC, then tells me the remote user name and the current console username and stops at my computer name.


      I have looked at the manual and tried to use the command line to remote into a system, but it fails the same way.  Is there anything that I am missing, possibly something that needs to be configured on the server or my workstation?


      Thanks for any help.


      Sean McCroy