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    LDMS 8.8 SP3 Provisioning Template popup


      Hello everyone,  just a question regarding something new we are seeing with the Provisioning tool since we migrated from 8.7 SP5 to 8.8 SP3. Looking to understand if this is working as designed with the new version (and how to change it/eliminate it) of if something is not functioning properly. Any feedback is GREATLY appreciated.


      After creating the first provisioning task since our migration to 8.8, we are seeing some behavior that is different from 8.7.  In 8.7, if you had a reboot at the end of the provisioning task, it would reboot and that would be that. When we do the same thing in 8.8, after the reboot occurs, the first person to logon afterwards sees the screen shown in the attached JPEG. Granted, it does disappear in 30 seconds after it is displayed (I clicked on “Cancel” so that I could do a screenshot), but, like I said, it is a different behavior than in the old version, which this did not occur. Is this working as designed? If so, is there a way to stop this from occuring? The reason it is an issue is not for any technical reason, but the end user or techs won't know what to do when logging into a device after recieving this install, and I am trying to avoid unnecessary support calls. Particularly since this did not occur previously, I'm hoping it's just a setting that was not modified or correctly configured after migration. Thanks everyone (or anyone!).