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    (Landesk 8.8) Application Monitoring and Blocking


      Hi Good Morning,


           I need help with our Landesk Management Suite.

           I need to generate all the application installed on all clients and need to block application that are not standard.


           As far as I can remeber when Ian Wallace (consultant from Landesk) configured our server, he showed me a list of all application installed on all the clients.

           In one application (warcraft III) we tried to check clients using this application and how long it was being used by the user.

           And then he just drag the application on a group and we were able to block Warcraft III

           The problem is that I was not able to take down notes on where to look and how to do it on my own.


           Can anyone help me or give me instructions on how to achive my goal. (Generate the list of all applications and block it like Ian did).


           Landesk Management Suite 8.8

           Windows server 2003 Enterprise.





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          I hope the following will allow you to do what you are trying to achieve.


          Generation of the list of applications is done via the inventory and any product that is scanned (file) should appear within the list in the SLM (Software License Monitoring) tool.


          This list can be accessed either by the Product Definitions section or the inventory section of the tool (Note that if you have a large number of nodes it may take some time to open)

          So for example you expand the product definitions section and then select all - you should see a find box appear - you can then search for the product you are looking to block.


          Now we move on to denying or blocking the product please see the linked article for information on how to do that.


          Article explain how to block / deny an application



          It should be noted that this has changed a lot within LDMS 9, and the blocking of an application is now done via Endpoint security and HIPS.


          I hope the above helps





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            Hi Good Morning Stephen,


                 Thanks, thats what exactly what Im looking for.





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