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    LDMS 8.8 SP3: SDP Refresh Rate


      Seeing an issue with Software Deployment Portal where the interface will refresh too quickly and often, so the end user client or tech cannot get to the tasks that are beyond the initial "first" page? Searching, unsuccessfully, for a way to increase or change the refresh rate of the SDP interface so that clients with large numbers of SDP Policies assigned to them can utilize those at the end of the list. Anyone else experiencing this with SDP?

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          zman Master

          Refresh can't be changed. It refreshes:


          1. Checking for new policies.
          2. When a scheduled task is running (required policy that is hidden).
          3. If a policy is stuck as processing in the local DB.


          In our org it is usually 95% a stuck policy (machine is process a policy and the machine is restarted).  Here is a very small bit of autoitcode that marks all hung policies complete (extremely quick and dirty)


          #include <SQLite.au3>
          #include <SQLite.dll.au3>
          #Include <Array.au3>
          Local $hQuery, $aRow, $aNames
          If Not ProcessExists("sdclient.exe") Then
               If FileExists (@AppDataCommonDir & "\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\Database\LDClientDB.db3") Then
                    _SQLite_Startup ()
                    _SQLite_Open (@AppDataCommonDir & "\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\Database\LDClientDB.db3") 
                    _SQlite_Query (-1, "Update portaltaskinformation Set status = 'Complete', Installing = 0 Where status = 'Installing' Or Installing = 1;", $hQuery) ; the query
                    _SQLite_FetchData ($hQuery, $aNames)


          If you want the compiled code please let me know.

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            Thanks Zman....much appreciate the info. I had a feeling the refresh rate couldn't be changed, but figured I'd ask. Sounds like you have seen this before, so I will look into the possible hung policy cause. I figured it was something local on the device as opposed to a "global" setting, particularly when vast majority of devices work properly. Seems that I need to either weed out the offending policy or just bounce the client device, am I understanding you correctly? Again, much appreciate your initial response.

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              zman Master

              Run this on the client (compiled code from above) and see if the issue goes away. Restarting the client will not fix the issue. The local DB has a table called portaltaskinformation and if you look at the installing filed you may see a 1 there indicating the application was trying to install and something broke down. The core is no longer trying to install bu the client think it is.

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                Will do......I will keep you posted via this thread. Thanks again for your efforts and advice. It is greatly appreciated Zman.

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                  Update to issue as reported here:


                  Having random but large number of devices that take 5-10 minutes to show all policies in SDP interface. Other devices have the list populated immediately. Used the script provided which fixed the issue immediately following running it, but only temporarily. Once logged out and back in, or run SDP an hour later and the interface takes up to 10 minutes to populate, also requires clicking the Additional Software button multiple times. Anyone else seeing severe slowness with the SDP interface?   8.8 SP3 is version....we recently moved from 8.7 SP4, side by side migration.