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    Pie Chart on Dashboard not to show 'Others'

    lianne.redding Apprentice

      Hi -

      does anyone know if it's possible to stop the pie chart on my dashboard showing 'Others'? I have a query on Change which returns all changes not at status closed. When I add this query to a dashboard as a pie chart, the 4 statuses with the least counts are lumped together in one slice called 'Others'. Also 'Others' shows as having four 'Other' statuses with various counts, but when I double click on the 'Others' slice, the query that opens only shows me one of the 'Others' statuses. If there's no way of getting rid of 'Others' as a slice, then is it possible to make the results that are shown when double clicking 'Others' to contain all the 'Others'?


      Version of Service Desk is 7.3