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    Patching Windows 7 with BitLocker


      Is anyone familar with this?


      We have yet to move to Windows 7, but plan to do so shortly.  We are currently on LANDesk 8.8 SP3 and will either move shortly to LANDesk 9.0, or wait for 8.8 SP4 (whichever - butwe will need to do either shortly as we plan to start migrating to Windows 7 next month.


      A security analyst onsite voice concerns regarding application of security patches on Widows 7 devices with BitLocker enabled.  According to him Micorsoft suggests that BitLocker be disabled (comment below):


      "Suspend BitLocker before making any major computer configuration changes (such as changing locales, installing a language pack, installing security updates, or updating the BIOS), and then resume BitLocker protection after the changes are complete."





      Any responses are greatly appreciated.


      Thanks in advance.