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    CSR for Comodo




      Can someone explaine me how to i have to generate CSR for Comodo?


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          CSR generation should be the same for any certificate vender.



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            When generating the CSR for an internal server,  what domain name format should be used?


            Of course the LDMS core server from which the CSR is generated is not an external facing site. Also it's on a different domain.


            For example:


            External registrants like Verisign have our DNS records as www.ourcompany.com , however our LANDesk server is coreservername.ourcompany.dom (AD Domain)


            This causes an issue with the vendor purchase validation of the VPro cert.


            Using the example below from the CSR documentation, how would one format -domainName in this situation?


            C:\Program Files\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\amtprov>AMTProvMgr2.exe -domainName landesk.com–country US –state "Mystate" –city "MyCityName" –organization "My company name"



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              The certificate for vPro does not have to match the external Domain name of the company.  It should match what the clients are assigned as a DNS suffix from DHCP option 15.  When machines boot up and the vpro traffic starts it is before it is in the OS so it gets the information for domain from DHCP.  So the certificate you buy should match what that is set for.  You just have to let the cert vendor know that it is an internal name and not a registered domain.