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    Mac hidden files


      We are implementing Inventory Manager. We have installed a Mac agent and are getting results back from our scans. However, any software installed in a file beginning with a .(dot) is not being discovered. A call has been logged with support, the best suggestion so far is to add the hidden files that you want included in the MacSearch Folders. However this kind of defeats the purpose of the audit to find software that we don't know about.


      Anyone got any ideas how we can do this?

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          I would assume that they mean to add the extension rather than the whole file name.


          If there are files you want to scan and collect information on then I would do the following:


          In the LDAPPL3.template adjust the file extensions under the following heading:


          Macintosh Scan Extensions


          MacScanExtensions=.dmg .DMG .pkg .pkg (adding .dot .DOT)


          After adding that information you need to click on the "Make available to clients" button to have the changes applied to the system.

          (This can be located in the SLM tool in 8.8 or in Manage Software List in 9.0)


          I hope that this will then give you the files you need reported back to the inventory for your review.




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            It is not so much the extension of the file that cannot be found, rather the software has been installed in a folder that begins with a dot. Apparently in the land of Apple any file beginning with a dot is hidden. Unfortunately it also hides it from LANDesk so the agent does not see the exe file to report on.


            If I have picked you up correctly what you suggest would work if the software we wished to discover had a file extension that was not previously listed. What we need to resolve is how to get the agent to see the hidden folder that the software is installed in.



            David (UWS)

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              I'll add that this does sound like a bug. It's a standard UNIX behavior that a file or directory that begins with a . is hidden from the normal userspace, but a simple ls -a will show all of them. In addition, any operation can be performed from the command line on hidden files/directories (assuming that the user has rights to it), and using something like "Go to folder" from the Go menu in the Finder will also get to those directories.