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    URL path


      How do I show a URL in a object window?

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          To Explain this further.  I want to place a URL that I have loaded into an object from another system.  The field the URL link is stored in can be displayed on the window and then the user can click on the URL and bring up another website from this URL.  Has anyone done something like this?

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            dmshimself ITSMMVPGroup

            I don't think you cannot do this automatically very easily - translate the text into a URL.  You can set the type of a string (-1) field to have a subtype of HTML and then enable the HTML editor and use the Link control to insert your URL.  If you then look at the resulting HTML generated in the backend (or turn the HTML subtype off again and look at the raw text), you should then be able to see what text needs to be geenrated to put the link in.  However it's not going to be all that easy.


            Other ideas may pop up, but if you wanted to see this feature appear, consider voting here