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    Application migration, is this a good idea?




      We have some other application which is kind of similar to the incident creation in the TP. like statuses, priority, assignee, title, description and so on... which has been in use say more then 2 years.


      Now, I have to plan for data migrating from this 3rd party app to TP.


      So, if you look in to the im_incident and pm_process table in the ITBM database, we have similar column which contains the information as the other app. Say we import the data and put the information to the columns by proper mapping to each field object.....


      do you think this works?


      /n RMudugal

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          That depends on the scope for the data migration.  To put this into context the recommended consultancy path that LANDesk used to offer for data migration from their HelpDesk for Windows product to ServiceDesk was 10-15 days.  So it's a fair amount of work for a complete job.  Simple stuff would be fine, so for example I've filled up a database with example incidents using an import from excel in a similar way to what you are describing and it works fine.  But in your current system do you need to also migrate the equivalent to notes, assignments, reoslutions, closures, KB, customers, contacts... the whole 9 yards?  Once you have that requirements bottomed out, the time to spend on this should become clearer.


          Couple of options - once you have the requirements, fire them at your supplier for a suggested plan.  And how about not migrating the data at all?  Just run the old system down or put it into read only mode and get new stuff logged?  You could maybe connect LDSD to your other system using some views or whatever and just write queries against that older DB if people wanted to see older data.


          And Good Luck!

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            Hello Dave


            Thank you for the reply.


            Yes its whole 9 yards... But i need this to break into small jobs to complete. First, incidents... in open state, then notes, reminders, attachments.. and so on...If I succeed importing one incident in to TP database and open that in the TP console and see all the attachments and its related info in the incident tree... then its piece a cake.


            I need to check my ability to what level I can reach in migrating and what areas I fail, its really a good play in the sandbox.


            Atleast, I know now, its not bad idea


            Thank you.