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    LMDS 9 inconsistent 'HELP' documentation


      When deep diving into Role Based Administration and securing Console Access, I've tried to consult the HELP topic 'Understanding console rights'.

      The topics that can be flagged/unflagged in the edit roles screen in LDMS does not match the desciptions that can be found in the HELP file. For example 'LAUNCHPAD' 'HANDHELD' or 'SCHEDULED TASKS' are explained in the HELP file, but these options do not appear in the 'real' window...

      (Also vice versa: there are some topics that do not appear in the help file...)


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      Please help me (in the real meaning of this word...)




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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          It depends on what exactly your question is.


          Are you trying to understand what "Scheduled Tasks" means?


          Scheduled tasks encompasses ALL of software distribution, and generaly ALL actions "from the Core to the clients", simply put. Whether it's a policy, a software distribution job, an OS Deployment task, or a patch management job, they're all "scheduled tasks" (and the relevant section is also called 'SCHEDULED TASKS' still -- if you look in the 32-bit console under TOOLS => DISTRIBUTION => SCHEDULED TASKS).


          Software Distribution rights within RBA define what permissions you have 'for software distribution (effectively, what you're allowed to see and do within Scheduled tasks).


          One (Scheduled Tasks) is a big, overarching roof for "anything to actually to be done on the client" as it were, the other is specific to Software Distribution (since patch management, OS Deployment and so, all have their own ways of showing up as scheduled tasks).


          Is that what you're looking for?


          - Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead

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            Well, yes and no...

            Your explanation about Scheduled Tasks makes completely sense, thank you for that.


            But my point was also that the HELP documentation that you can find within LDMS does not match the reality.

            So it would be very 'help'-full that all the options you can flag within a role, would be explained (in the LDMS Help) as they are listed in reality...