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    Service Desk Advice & Recommendation




      Hi All,

      We’re in process of acquiring Service Desk and I need you help to clarify the following:

      Current Setup: LDMS 9, MS SQL2005 Express, one server 3.2 G, 2 GB RAM, 100 GB HHD.

      Requirements: LANDesk Service Desk 7.3

      1-      How is it? Performance and features, stability.

      2-      Is it user friendly?

      3-      Do we require customizing the processes or it's recommended to use the default processes? Our aim to use ITIL based processes. Currently, manual work and documentation.

      4-      Does it come with built in Process Designer?

      5-      For 160 users, can LD Service Desk be installed in the same box along with LDMS?

      6-      Can LD Service Desk share MS SQL Express with LDMS? Any comments

      7-      Any recommendations for reporting.

      8-      Any recommendations for project Process.

      9-      Any recommendations and advices.

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          aparker Employee



          Who is the partner that you're buying Service Desk from?



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            First let's understand the prerequisites, and configuration options then will look for partner.

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              I'd probably go along the route Andy is implying.  Sizing of the system would normally be done as part of the pre-sales activity for you by the partner.  I guess whoever you choose would be happy for you to do the work for them (!), but they are be doing it all the time.  There is a technical architecture guide which lays out the recommended infrastructure and separate supported platforms guide which says what works with what, so maybe you could ask for copies of those and take a look?  I think it will give you what you need.


              To give you my purely personal opinion on your questions .... :-)


              It is highly functional with probably more bells and whistles than you might ever need, but that will depend on what you aret trying to do.

              7.3 is quite stable and the current service pack is 7.3.2


              User friendly?  A hard question.  I think so, especially the WebDesk interface.  The entire Admin training coure is only about 4 days long with process designer another 3 days (your mileage may vary depending on who you choose to be the supplier)


              I'd go with the OOTB incident process and tweak it to match what you need, rather than start from scratch.  You should get IPC OOTB and the process design tool allows you to modify and create new processes.  Again I'm biased, but I think the Process Design tool is one of the best of it's kind.


              For 160 users you probably need 2, maybe 3 servers.  I'd go for 2.  They need to be separate boxes to the Core server.  I'd go 64 bit if it's all fresh stuff.  The tech docs will guide you through that in terms of number of cores, memory etc


              SQL Express is not a good platform for such a system (again IMHO) it has inbuilt size limits on the DB and limits on the number of connections.  Go for a small 2008 or 2005 schema on an existing database server?


              Reporting - comes with crystal and the query design tool.  You can do graphs and charts etc


              Your potential supplier will have project plans for deployment


              Main recommendations - this is an enterprise product so find a good partner and use their experiences, go on training for the Admin and make sure the analysts attend training.  Get the product bedded in with (say) incident so you get used to it and get some early benefits, then turn on Config or Change or whatever...

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                Thank you all for the information,

                Andy, sorry to not get you, the supplier has not been selected yet.

                In fact I am trying to understand the requirements and best practices before start discussing the project with the supplier, not doing sizing or any other activity. That was the main idea behind me questions.

                Thanks -dave medland-slater for the useful Information and detailed explanation. But

                Could you please explain more what OOTB means?

                LANDesk Service Desk Server shipped with Designer tool?

                What you think of:

                LANDesk Service Desk Server Console Includes

                Incident Management

                Problem Management

                Change Management

                Service Level Management

                Email Manager

                Core Knowledgebase,

                Active processes for Incident, Problem and Change Management,

                Desktop Manager to LDMS


                And which other options are recommended to start with


                Best Regards,

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                  OOTB = out of the box, what you get as standard in the database that comes on the CD.  I really wouldn't want to say what other options to look at without knowing more about what your requirements, but those modules are a good start.  I'd also add in WebDesk as a good module if you want  any analysts to work on the web.  LDSD is indeed shipped with the process designer tool as standard.  I'd also recommend only picking a supplier who has experience of LDSD, not just someone who normally supplies you with IT products or LDMS.  It is a specialised module and needs someone with that background.

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                    Many thanks for all of you for the valuable information. Now I got the idea of the system. If further information required I would back to ask you guys.