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    How do I export Collection fields into a query?


      I'm trying to pull a query and export it to excel that includes Incident data as well as incident data that's housed in a collection.  For example, fields like Reference Number, creation date, title, and raise user are no problem to export to excel.  But when I add fields from collections like the date the resolution was created or the category of the resolution, they show as a subset of the primary query data and don't export at all.


      I understand that collections allow for the possibility of multiple resolutions for a single incident.  I'd like to be able to get a normalized view that shows all the data I need in one record row (perhaps with separate columns for resolution 1 and resolution 2 data) but the only way I see to do this is to create two separate queries (one for the incident data and one for the collection data), export to excel, and then pull the data together into the single, normalized row using Access or Excel.  Is there a better way?


      Thanks for the help!