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    Email notification from a tick box



      I have a requirement for end users reporting faults to indicate if it has a Health and Safety aspect. The current thinking is to use a simple check box on the main fault reporting screen.


      My issue is that the H&S Manager does not use ServiceDesk so how do I notify him/his team that a call is in the system he should be aware of? I was wondering if it's possible to initiate an email when a user checks the tick box or is it possible to automatically run a report and email it to him when the box is ticked?


      I'm after some ideas (then some technical help to implement them) please.


      many thanks

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          If the H&S manager is an end user in LANDesk you can notify them using a normal reminder action in the process if the check box is set.  You could also use the Add CC function in the process to add their text email address into the CC at the green open status.  That way they will get notifications of the incident and any updates.  If you sue Add CC you do need to check the box in mail manager to enable the CCs to actually go out.