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    telnet 'coreserver' 5007



      I cannot do this from any machine with in LD or from the actual core server itself. See attached document for details. Firewall is off, telnet is not working to 5007, inventory service is working.



      Any help would be appreciated.



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          Did you try the ip of the coreserver.. EX. ? 



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            Are you able to ping the core by its hostname? If not, as ryse suggested, try to do it via IP address instead.

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              Thanks for the replies although im still unable to telnet with the ip address of the core server.



              The reponse is- Connecting to '' :...........Could not open connection to the host, on port 5007: Connect Failed.



              This is the same when i put in the coreserver name too.



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                Are you able to ping the core, though? Also, I wonder if the service is "started" but not really processing anything (maybe it's stuck on something), can you try try to restart the Inventory service? One more thought, it's possible to configure the inventory service to use a port number other than 5007, can you check if this is the case in your environment (Configure > Services > Inventory > Advanced Settings)?



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                  I was able to restart the inventory service no problems. Iam able to ping the coresever dns and ip fine from any machine. I even changed the port number other than 5007 in the advanced settings option under Inventory/Services/Configure- LDMS.



                  Still im getting the same results when trying to telnet.



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                    CraigMiddelstadt Master

                    What version of LANDesk are you on and what patch level? (8.7 SP4)


                    You might want to try reinstalling the inventory service on the core server.


                    Keep in mind that installing services only works if the files necessary to start the service are already in place. Adjust the paths in these commands as necessary.


                    Install or remove the LANDesk Inventory Server service

                    "C:\Program files\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\LDInv32.exe" /Remove

                    "C:\Program files\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\LDInv32.exe" /install

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                      Does ip address on core configuried as static? If it's dynamic, check if inventory server listens on 5007 port by running netstat -ab



                      There's a problem with services' port bindings when DHCP leases are short.






                      Good luck,






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                        Have you done a netstat -an on the server to see if port 5007 is listening?