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    Unable to deploy packages


      We are unable to deploy patches to our clients.  The problem here is that the patches are not located ://SCLD/LDLogon/patch/ they are located on a separate internal drive at //SCLC/Patches.  So I went to the agent config under inventory scanner then manual update to make the changes but I can't change it to ://SCLD/patches.


      How does one correct this simple problem? All I want to do is change the default location from ://SCLD/LDLogon/patch/ to ://SCLD/patch.


      Error from client

      Downloading http://SCLD/LDLogon/patch/ie8-windowsxp-kb975364-x86-enu._saunw.exe
           Failed: Could not download http://SCLD/LDLogon/patch/ie8-windowsxp-kb975364-x86-enu._saunw.ex