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    How to delete/avoid duplicate devices?


      Hi Experts,


      I am using LANDesk 9.0 under evaluation license. I wanted to know how can we clean up/delete the devices with duplicate GUIDs. I saw Paul's reply for the post http://forum.landesk.com/support/message/8723#8723, but I could not find TOOLS -> CONFIGURE -> Inventory-tab in the LANDesk Management Suite console. Can anyone help me in doing this?


      Also, I am using an imaging solution to clone the machines. Is there anything specific needs to be done on the master image other than deleting the LANDesk agent GUID from the registry before cloning the images, so as to avoid the duplication of devices?


      Appreciate any help and thanks so much in advance.



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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          Welcome to the board, Jubish.


          Regarding the thread / its instructions ... the menu's changed a bit since 8.7. Here's the updated ones for 9.0:


          1 - on the Core, launch the 32-bit Console.

          2 - Go to CONFIGURE -> SERVICES... -> and click on the inventory-tab Inventory-tab.

          3 - Click on the  "Devices"-button.


          *IF* you don't see the "Configure => Services..." option, it means that you're not on the Core Server (since that's the only one that has it), and are using a remote 32-bit console. You need to configure this on the Core itself (i.e. - open the 32-bit console on the Core).


          Note that 9.0 defaults to removing duplicates (where both name + MAC address match) by default, as well as restoring old device ID's - so we've enabled that already.


          If you click on the "Device IDs"-button, you'll see that we've equally pre-configured the most common options for determining a devices' uniqueness (Hostname + MAC-address). So if we ever get 2 different combinations of host-name + MAC-address reporting in as the same UniqueID, then we mark the UniqueID as "bad" and *ANY* device that calls in with this device ID will be told to randomly generate a new one.


          Re 3: - Assuming you delete the device ID from BOTH registry locations, you should be OK.


          However, I generally recommend including a command-line to run the installer of the agentry instead of hard-loading the agent into the image. This makes it easier to keep your agents up to date as you install service packs and such.


          There *ARE* situations where your method is better, but they're pretty customer-specific. As a general guideline, I advocate usually that it's easier to just run the agent-install via command-line and thus make sure you always pull the latest patch-level that is installed on your Core.


          Hope this helps you with your question .


          - Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead

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            Thanks for the warm welcome and quick reply, Paul.


            Yes, I could  find this setting in the LANDesk console.


            Also, I will try with the command line option that you suggested and ping you if am stuck up somewhere.


            Once again, thanks for the prompt reply