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    Landesk.Scheduler Skeleton?



      I keep getting these every day has anyone got any ideas what is causing this?



      Only started happening after SP4 install.






      Application popup: LANDesk.Scheduler.GlobalScheduler.Skeleton.exe - Common Language Runtime Debugging Services : Application has generated an exception that could not be handled.



      Process id=0xeb0 (3760), Thread id=0x1750 (5968).



      Click OK to terminate the application.



      Click CANCEL to debug the application.



      For more information, see Help and Support Center at



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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          Hi MasterEales - I'd like you to open a support call with your region's LANDesk support team for this - when logging the case, please include answers to the following questions: 


          1.       What O/S is the Core server running on?  We need specifics (Windows 2003 Enterprise with sp2)

          2.       What version of LDMS are you on? We would need specifics here as well (8.7 sp4 with/without mini rollup and the following patches - INV-12345, etc...)

          3.       What type of database are you using?

          4.       Is the Core server highly utilized all the time?

          5.       Is this error cosmetic or is it actually preventing tasks from processing?

          6.       Can You reproduce this issue regularly?  If we remote Controlled in, could you make the error happen?

          7.       When the error occurs what was happening on the Core?  Are a lot of tasks running? What types of tasks are running, what is the memory usage, what is the processor usage.


          The case will be worked on from there.


          Thank you.


          Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk Technical Lead EMEA

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            Thanks for the reply, I have logged a call with Touchpaper regarding the issue












            Chris Eales



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              We have the same problem and it appears since we are in LDMS 8.7 SP3.



              I think you have opened a call and let us know if you have some news.



              Thanks and Regards