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    Scheduled Task


      Hello All,


      was wondering if you could help me a problem.

      I am using Landesk Management Suite v 9.0


      When you schedule a task for Software Distribution, there's an option to Start Now or Start Later.

      If you choose to Start Later, more options that were grayed out become available.

      One of them is to Repeat Daily, Monthly, hourly etc.

      If you select to repeat Daily (or monthly) then the options for Scheduled Devices changes to ALL and it becomes grayed out. In other words, the task will run on the machines that were successful and the software was installed previously.

      This is my opinion is a serious problem and a design failure.

      Why would I want to repeat the same task for devices that succeeded? Especially when you’re dealing with 20.000 machines.


      Is there any solutions to this problem that you know of?

      Any help is greatly appreciated.

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          egarlepp Employee

          That is by design, although a bad design. http://community.landesk.com/support/message/31835#31835


          In v8.x you could go to the webconsole and it would grey out on your selection, i am not sure if that is the same in v9.x with the webconsole

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            Although it appears to work that way, in my limited experience it does not.  (I also am running 9.0.) That is, it only scans the devices that were not successful, even though Schedule these devices reads "All".  For example: I created a task to run a full inventory scan and set it to repeat every hour.  I started with 873 devices.  The first run, 156 were successful.  When it ran again an hour later, the number of devices that went to Active was only the 717 that failed. You may want to test this on a small sampling of your devices with some simple task.

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              egarlepp Employee

              Maybe they recently fixed it with a MCP patch...  That woudl be great..  I will check, Thx!

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                I'm running version 9 with SP2 applied.

                No patch has fixed the grayed out option for all devices but maybe the functionality is there even if all devices are selected automatically.

                I haven't tested this but i will, as the previous user sugessted.

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                  Okay.  This is strange.  The very next repeat, it sent all 873 to Active.   ????      Let me know what happens with your tests.

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                    egarlepp Employee

                    I guess it wasn't fixed. Darn!!!

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                      Fourth time through, it only restarted the put the ones that failed.  Does this make sense to anyone?   

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                        MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

                        Whether or not the reschedule is only targeting the failed machines, the original purpose for the reschedule WAS to rerun the same task on machines regularly. This was because there are some tasks you want to run on all machines every time e.g. forcing an inventory scan or vulnerability scan to run on your servers at a specific time of the day (yes you can use a local scheduler task but this gives you central status)


                        So IF it is targeting every machine then it isn't really that bad a thing especially when you consider the 'Policy supported push' methods available, this is designed to automatically pick up the machines that were not successful on the initial pass.


                        Mark McGinn

                        MarXtar Ltd

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                          LANDeskWizrd SSMMVPGroup

                          I too think that the option should not be greyed out and if you want to run the task continously on all machines than you can choose to. The way I get around this issue is to run the scheduled task against a query. Using this method will eliminate machines that already have a certain inventory value. Now there are some instances where this may not be a possible method but for the most part it works for me. Since the tasks will refresh the query every time before it runs, this clears out those machines that don't fall into the scope of that query anymore. Hope that makes some sense