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    Next Login Installs with policies


      I am having an issue with next login policies.  I have a task that is set to a policy delivery method has been which that the policy has been made available.  When I put a PC into the the task I believe that the chronology of events should be as follows


      1.) Task states that policy has been made available.

      2.) User reboots or logs out\in and cause the task to go to "Task will be performed at the next login"

      3.) User reboots or logs out\in and the job kicks off.


      At this point I never get past step 1.  No matter how many times I reboot, logout\login.  In order to get to step 2 and beyond I have to run the policy.sync.exe manually or thru an additional task.


      Any thougts as to what I might be missing?