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    Custom data Form are not loaded on LDMS 9?


      Hi All, i experienced on my Core Server LDMS 9 upgraded from 8.8 SP3 an issue on Custom Data Form:


      • I create a new Custom Data Form and i scheduled on 2 targets (with 9.0 version of client configuration).


      • I fill the form on the client


      • I run a full(/F /SYNC) inventory scan in three ways: from console menu, from scheduled script task and from client program menu. 



      Viewing the inventory of the selected devices no data under Custom Data voice appeare. last Update by Inventory date is updated and the inventory service is up. No error scan generated.

      On the Unmodeled data table on database non record shows data about answers i put in the form.




      • The file ldcustom.dat with answres of the form is right updated in c:\program files\landesk\ldclient and no specific ldscn32.ex.log spoke about error.


      • Note that invdelta.dat does not show data about custom data so it seems that something on the scan adding custom data was wrong.
      • No patch about it on mini rollup and applying rollup did not solve


      Has Anyone the same issue? maybe it's only my Core issue


      Thanx for any help