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    File Size in Landesk inventory = 0




      I don't know if anyone else is having this issue. We are running Landesk Version 9 with no roll ups or patches. We have recently purchased License Dashboard which uses an export from Landesk to set up its PC and software lists.


      Files that register a size of 0 are not being recognised correctly in this software.


      I have searched through the Landesk inventory and discovered some files are being audited correctly but then the same file on another PC is showing up as size 0. All PC's have the same agent settings on them.


      Anyone have any ideas why file sizes are not being recognised?




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          This is a bug CR 44830. You will want to open a web case with support to get the patch.




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            I have been speaking to the tech support of the 3rd part software I am exporting to, they have recomended some things to me which seem to have resolved the issue I was having See below their response:


            Changes you may need to make to the LdAppl3.ini file within LANDesk. Please see below;


            ; There are three modes supported. Listed, Unlisted, and All. A brief

            ; description of each mode:


            ; Listed - In this mode, only executable files that are listed in the

            ; LDAppl.ini file will be collected. This means that if there is an executable

            ; that is not listed in the INI file, the inventory will not have any data

            ; pertaining to that executable.


            ; Unlisted - In this mode, only executables with an unknown file name will be

            ; collected. This mode can be used to send all unknown executable names to a

            ; text file (using the /O command line option) that can then be used to add

            ; entries to the LDAppl.ini file. If the data is sent to the inventory server,

            ; the application name will be the file name. The version number will be the

            ; file size.


            ; All - This mode is a combination of Listed and Unlisted as detailed above.



            ;Mode=All (This needs changing to ALL)



            ; The scanners can send extra data about software executables if desired.

            ; The extra attributes are:

            ;                               ExtraFileDataLevel=1  (Default)

            ;                       File Size

            ;                       File Date (and time)

            ;                       File Attributes (Read Only, Hidden, System)


            ;                               ExtraFileDataLevel=2 will also send the following for Windows Executables:

            ;                                                                                               OriginalFilename

            ;                                                                                               CompanyName

            ;                                                                                               FileDescription

            ;                                                                                               InternalName

            ;                                                                                               LegalCopyright

            ;                                                                                               LegalTrademarks

            ;                                                                                               ProductName

            ;                                                                                               ProductVersion

            ;                                                                                               PrivateBuild

            ;                                                                                               Comments


            ; If you want the extra data sent to the inventory server, uncomment the

            ; SendExtraFileData=TRUE line. If this line is not found in the LDAPPL.INI file,

            ; the default is FALSE. This means that by default, only path, name, and

            ; version will be entered in the database.




            ExtraFileDataLevel=1 (This needs to be set to 2)



            Once this has been done you need to force a full inventory scan, instructions for which can be found here. http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-2209