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    Provisioning - Windows 7 x64 - Rename PC


      Hi all,


      In LDMS 8.8, once we copied our customized sysprep.inf file, we were able to do a "replace text" action to set the computer name based on a variable that read the serial number from the inventory information of the PC so that when Windows XP minisetup ran, it had the final PC name for the PC.


      We have tried to replicate this on LDMS 9 provisioning for Windows 7 x64 however, when we try to do a "replace text" action on the unattend.xml file, it doesn't do anything as the <ComputerName></ComputerName> section is only on the "specialize" pass of the XML file which has already occurred (prior to capturing the image).


      Does anyone know of a way to rename a Windows 7 PC during the OOBE section?


      Below is what our provisioning template looks thus far:



      Looking at this doc, it appears that we can run sysprep within the WinPE environment?  If so, could someone post what the template looks like, especially what is included in this "scripted install" action?  If we can do that, we could re-run the specialize section...


      Thanks all