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    LDMS 9 OSD with WakeUp devices issue


      We ran into the following issue:


      1. We create an scheduled task via OSD
        1. Place an machine (that is off) into the task
        2. Enable Wake Up devices
      2. The machine is now in the Pending section - Status=waiting and Result=not specified
      3. Now we click on start
      4. The machine moves to the Active section - Status=active  and Result=discovering machine
      5. Somewhat later Status=active  and Result=Cannot find Agent
      6. Now the Machines turn on from WakeOn LAN
      7. The machine starts up to windows (option local boot)
        1. The machine is still into the active section with Status=active  and Result=Cannot find Agent
        2. This should not be. it should be booting into Managed Provision
        3. The machine sould be under Pending section with status=delayed and result=policy has been made
        4. Now if i wait for a couple of minutes then the machine is placed into the pending section. But now it has missed the Managed Provision PXE boot.



      Any idea's on this one ? it seems it takes to long for the machine to be moved from active to pending(delayed) mode.




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          In the OSD provisioning task add an system migration entry called reboot. Make sure you remove the option :  Stop processing the template if this action fails.

          Offcourse it doesn't work if your machine has no OS. Hope LANdesk will fix this soon